Google launches Dataset Search

Google aggregates data repositories across the web in the following exciting new search engine:! (shared by Kashish Arora)        


Two recent review papers on the state-of-the-art in Empirical Operations Management research

Terwiesch, Olivares, Staats and Gaur (2019) A Review of Empirical Operations Management over the Last Two Decades Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, forthcoming   Ho, Lim, Reza and Xia (2017) Causal Inference Models in Operations Management Manufacturing and Service Operations Management 19(4): 509-525

Sustainable Operations – recent research

Here are two recent working papers: Kalkanci M., M. Rahmani, L.B. Toktay, Social Sustainability in Emerging Economies: The Role of ‘Inclusive Innovation’, working paper Huang, T. Tan, L.B. Toktay, K. Hoen, Carbon leakage: The impact of asymmetric emission regulation on technology and capacity investments, working paper and here are some recent publications related to sustainability: … Continue reading Sustainable Operations – recent research

Testing the validity of the Diff-in-Diff design when treatment timing varies (done rigorously)

Sharing a very interesting new paper on DiD methods when used with heterogeneous treatment effects: Andrew Goodman-Bacon, 2018. Differences-in-Differences with Variation in Treatment Timing, Working Paper. The paper shows how (and when) a DiD estimator can be decomposed as a weighted average of 4 simple and intuitive "2x2" average causal effects. Some of these effects may … Continue reading Testing the validity of the Diff-in-Diff design when treatment timing varies (done rigorously)

Newly edited volume on crowdfunding

Cumming, Douglas, and Lars Hornuf, eds. The Economics of Crowdfunding: Startups, Portals and Investor Behavior. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.   I also found the recent works of Venkat Kuppuswamy highly relevant and interesting such as: Kuppuswamy, Venkat and Bayus, Barry L., (2018) "Crowdfunding Creative Ideas: The Dynamics of Project Backers in Kickstarter" in The Economics of Crowdfunding: Startups, … Continue reading Newly edited volume on crowdfunding

5th Annual World Open Innovation Conference – Dec 13-14, 2018 @SF

The 5th Annual World Open Innovation Conference is taking place in San Francisco on Dec. 13-14, 2018.  Save the date and mark your calendar.  This unique event combines the latest in Open Innovation research with the open innovation practices of some of the world’s leading companies.  And it's a fun group too! This year’s conference theme, “Digital Transformation for Sustainability”, connects … Continue reading 5th Annual World Open Innovation Conference – Dec 13-14, 2018 @SF

Understanding emerging business models in MOOCs

Using a panel dataset of 35 MOOC platforms composed of roughly 6,000 MOOCs and 1,000 educational partners during 2012-2016, the following work studies business model innovation dynamics in the MOOCs evolution space. Rothe, Täuscher and Basole (ECIS 2018), Competition between platform ecosystems: a longitudinal study of MOOC platforms Platforms with an initial ecosystem advantage (such … Continue reading Understanding emerging business models in MOOCs