OR conference in Dublin: 23rd-26th June 2019

If you are into OR and Optimization this is a conference opportunity to visit Dublin: https://www.euro2019dublin.com/ See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LECA5vtOaWQ


Marketplace Innovation Workshop 2019

The INFORMS Revenue Management & Pricing Conference will be held at Stanford Graduate School of Business on June 6–7, 2019. The conference will be held in conjunction with the Marketplace Innovation Workshop, which will take place on June 4–5, 2019. Deadline for full papers: 18 February 2019. More details at: https://www.rmp2019.org/

Sustainable Operations – recent research

Here are two recent working papers: Kalkanci M., M. Rahmani, L.B. Toktay, Social Sustainability in Emerging Economies: The Role of ‘Inclusive Innovation’, working paper Huang, T. Tan, L.B. Toktay, K. Hoen, Carbon leakage: The impact of asymmetric emission regulation on technology and capacity investments, working paper and here are some recent publications related to sustainability: … Continue reading Sustainable Operations – recent research

Testing the validity of the Diff-in-Diff design when treatment timing varies (done rigorously)

Sharing a very interesting new paper on DiD methods when used with heterogeneous treatment effects: Andrew Goodman-Bacon, 2018. Differences-in-Differences with Variation in Treatment Timing, Working Paper. The paper shows how (and when) a DiD estimator can be decomposed as a weighted average of 4 simple and intuitive "2x2" average causal effects. Some of these effects may … Continue reading Testing the validity of the Diff-in-Diff design when treatment timing varies (done rigorously)