Sustainable Operations – recent research

Here are two recent working papers:

  1. Kalkanci M., M. Rahmani, L.B. Toktay, Social Sustainability in Emerging Economies: The Role of ‘Inclusive Innovation’, working paper
  2. Huang, T. Tan, L.B. Toktay, K. Hoen, Carbon leakage: The impact of asymmetric emission regulation on technology and capacity investments, working paper

and here are some recent publications related to sustainability:

  1. Bellos, M. Ferguson, L. B. Toktay, The Car Sharing Economy: Interaction of Business Model Choice and Product Line Design, M&SOM, 19:2 (2017) 185-201
  2. Gui, A. Atasu, Ö. Ergun, L. B. Toktay, Design Incentives Under Collective Extended Producer Responsibility: A Network Perspective, forthcoming in Management Science
  3. Huang, A. Atasu, L. B. Toktay, Design Implications of Extended Producer Responsibility for Durable Products, forthcoming in Management Science
  4. Zhang, A. Atasu, T. Ayer, L.B. Toktay, Truthful Mechanisms for Medical Surplus Product Allocation, working paper (forthcoming in M&SOM)

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