Create a blog for your audience today – a step-by-step guide

I always wanted to have a blog and write down and discuss research ideas, but never had the time to learn how to do it. Building a proper and focused blog can be challenging but over time hopefully one should get better at it.

Several friends asked me how they could create their own blogs either to inform other researchers about their work, or to share ideas in general. A blog by WordPress is a good, free way to communicate with your audience and it should be useful to users outside academia as well. The popular blog of the research mathematician, Professor Terence Tao (UCLA) is very inspiring; he wrote several research monographs and co-authored books (integrating past blogs and notes) and solved open problems through that blog and the discussions formed in it. But even if you are not a mathematician, a blog is a great way of keeping your audience up-to-date with your work and thoughts.

So, here is my step-by-step guide of how to start your blog today:

  1. Create a WordPress account.
  2. Log in and from the menu on the left, choose “Add New Site”.
  3. Click the left option “start now”:

4. Give it a name! That’s quite important for later, but you can always buy your own domain name and map your blog to something more memorable:


See also the following pics – and the blog is on!

We now explain how to modify its style a bit.

5. Everything is done from the menu on the left.


6. So, please follow the steps in my screenshots to modify it the way I ‘d suggest you to.


Since, the intention is to build a blog, we make it look like a blog and not like a personal page… Here, is how my blog looks like (there are some “private posts” that only myself and administrators can access only):


7. When you first create a blog would look like this, and notice where the “edit” buttons are hiding and waiting for you to create your first blog post…

I explain above that you should have an “about” section where you would clearly explain to your audience the purpose of the blog and some brief details of yourself.

Aww and I almost forgot it! It would be “nice” if your blog has a (representative) picture, title, and subtitle. Actually, each time you write a blog post and your subscribers read it on their email inbox, your blog picture will appear (and it’s recommended to have one). Here is an example of how your blog could look like:


That was it! I hope you start your blog now, and let me know in comments below or in private.

Verba volant, scripta manent; happy blogging!

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